Our Story

In 1965 Avdyl Hoxha opened his first jewelry shop in Skopje, North Macedonia, with only a few Golden Coins he inherited from his father, the late Ali Hoxha. It was all the family had at the time. Only a decade later, 12 jewelry shops in Kosovo and North Macedonia, increased to 22 jewelry shops, 3 manufacturing plants, and a gold refinery, in 1999, that propelled the family business to an ever-growing enterprise.

After the breakdown of ex-Yugoslavia and the end of the armed conflict in Kosovo, the Hoxha family started diversifying their Investments and adding onto their existing portfolio. In 2003, the family established the first private elementary and high school – The American School of Kosova, a breakthrough in the post-conflict private business sector.

Thereon, the family started investing in Real Estate Development, Construction, Furniture Manufacturing, as well as in Telecommunication, Hospitality, and Information Technology, gaining a diversified know-how base and positioning itself for long-term success in the region.

Having established itself and grown rapidly across many industries, the Hoxha family decided to establish a holding company Oxa Group, to oversee and optimize its diversified portfolio of investments and ensure strategic success onward.